Amal Mountacer

The label and the trade-Mark (Of our firm) is also yours Most important element of the immaterial patrimony of your company.Your trade-mark allows the
identification of your sevices.The importance of commercial strategies,the increase of counterfeiting(imitation and copies)linked to the new means of diffusion and reproduction,are good witnesses to the primordial role of the “trade-mark” MOUNTACER LAW FIRM helps you anticipate the risks.On the one hand,it’s important for you to know that your trade-mark doesn’t harm any other already existant ones ;and that no other similar one has been registred .On the other hand, because of the challenges and problems related to the trade-mark and its development,it’s necessary and before all any procedure of registration _to order an analysis of the distinctive sign or item you wish to protect.This previous research is indespensible
to anticipate disputes and conflicts.

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